Most guys would agree that any pool table is awesome. However, a more appropriate table that deserves such praise, is one that is actually molded after a 1965 Ford Mustang. Before you go thinking that we are proposing first-degree automotive slaughter, you should know that does not chop original pony cars, but builds slate tables that have been molded to look like they have.

Each one of these pool tables goes through a rigorous manufacturing process, which includes a frame built from solid hard-wood, cherry finished rails, three-piece slate top, and a 5-star paint job, which is wet-sanded and topped with clear coat. Next, the actual trim from a 1965 Mustang is fitted to its proper place, including chrome bumpers/grille, emblems, authentic rims, and functioning headlights and taillights.

The standard 1965 Mustang starts around $10,000. However, CarPoolTables also produces an officially licensed and signed (by Carroll Shelby) Shelby GT350 Mustang for twice the price. The Shelby includes the original Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue finish, and they can also build you a red 1959 Corvette if you prefer.

Considering that you are basically dealing with a 1000 pound replica automobile in your rec room, your purchase also includes having a seasoned craftsman come to your house to put everything together. However, don't forget to lay something over your carpet, because every pool table comes with real rubber tires that can leave wicked skid marks, as really any proper muscle car should.