Afrojack crashes his new Ferrari 458 Italia just hours after purchase (Photo: Twitter / @djafrojack)

Time and again, Ferrari sports cars have proven themselves as a cruel and unforgiving mistress.

Earlier today, DJ and music producer Nick van de Wal, AKA Afrojack, shared a picture of his all new whip, a new Rosso scuderia Ferrari 458 Italia sports car.

Sporting a matching red varsity jacket and a red pair of Nike kicks, Afrojack flaunts his #YOLO #SWAG with his new Italian redhead. At just 25 years old, a small celebration with an obligatory Ferrari ownership picture is certainly forgiveable.

However, hours after his first tweet, Afrojack sends a second:

Just like that, the Ferrari ownership experience has come to an end for Afrojack. Despite the terrible loss of a gorgeous car and $240,000, Afrojack's spirits remained high.


As the wise rapper Drake once said, "You already know though / You only live once, that's the motto / n***** Yolo."