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Lincoln Gets Christmas Wish: New Ford Mustang-Based Lincoln Coupe In 2015

Dec 26, 2012 04:11 PM EST
Ford Evos Concept
Ford Evos Concept/next-generation Mustang

Those of you that saw this coming do not get a cookie. While Ford has yet to officially green light the project, it should really come to no surprise.

The very first sign that Ford would bring the Mustang platform to Lincoln was when the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker confirmed that the next-generation pony car would finally feature its first-ever refined independent-rear-suspension. Months after the sensational announcement for the future Ford flagship GT coupe, a new report from fordinsidenews.com last week claims that a Mustang-based, rear-wheel-drive Lincoln coupe is in the cards for the luxury marque.

Before you all get excited of a future American BMW  4-series rival, let's get one thing clear - the very existence of a Lincoln coupe depends on the condition that the Lincoln Motor Company is able to survive at all. According to some sources, Lincoln, the last prestige brand (Ford has sold Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo), has been given a "last chance" with the coming 2013 MkZ as well as another Lincoln CUV. The stakes are high - if these Lincoln products fail, Ford will initiate steps to end Lincoln permanently.

However, should the new Lincoln products generate an incredibly positive market response, then Ford will likely commence development of the Mustang-based Lincoln luxury coupe by late 2015. According to Ford Inside News, the Lincoln coupe probably won't be market ready until a rather distant 2016 or 2017.

Beyond the platform, Ford is naturally mum on many specifics including design and drivetrain. However, industry observers at Ford Inside News expect the new rear-wheel-drive Lincoln to sport a slightly longer wheelbase than the Mustang for a more luxurious driving experience.

As everything revolving the new Lincoln is based on rumor and speculation at the moment, we would like to also add in our own speculation into the mix: Lincoln will probably introduce a 4-door rear-wheel-drive sports sedan based on the Mustang architecture as well, given that the new Mustang platform will already extend its wheelbase to accommodate the Lincoln coupe.

Now it's your turn. What do you think about the latest rumors of a Ford Mustang-based Lincoln coupe? Is it a good idea? Will it work? How should Ford approach its development (sports car oriented like the Cadillac CTS Coupe or effortless GT car like Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe)? Let us know in the comment section below!

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