With the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's days numbered, there have been several reports about a possible successor to the high-performance Mitsubishi. Last week it was reported that the successor to the Lancer Evolution could possibly come in the form of a new 3000GT sports car, but now a new report claims that the much loved Evo could be resurrected as an SUV.

MMC president Osamu Masuko recently told CarAdvice, “Gradually the definition of an SUV is changing. So I might anticipate that the borderline between Evolution and SUV might become more overarching.” Masuko's statement might seem a bit vague, but he also state at last year's Tokyo Motor Show, “[The] sports car segment is going down all over the world, so that being the case then to come up with a profit would be very difficult in this segment, [which is] what we have to do from now. So we have to concentrate on our efforts for the new technology for that reason."

That last quote basically kills any ideas of a 3000GT sports car revival, but that instead the Evo could be revived as a high-performance version of a future SUV. Specifically the next Evo could be based on the next-generation Outlander Sport, which was previewed by the XR-PHEV concept last year.