When you're Swedish Skier, Jon Olsson, the most fun you can have on the slopes is usually going downhill. However, that is unless you have access to a custom Rebellion R2K 600 horsepower supercar.

Jon built this one-off supercar after having seen an Ultima GTR in action on track day. “I need me some of that ish,” he said to himself. And then he built a car that basically had nothing to do with the Ultima. However, it did have a lot of influence from the former lead engineer of Koenigsegg, Leif Tufvesson.

The car ended up being completely customized for Olsson's entrance into the upcoming Gumball 3000 Rally. However, before he gets there, he wanted to give the car a thorough test using a Swedish ski slope as his obstacle course. Watch the video to see how well this 2,205 pound supercar gets along with Sweden's infamous snow.