Tomorrow Toyota is going to take the wraps off the 2015 Toyota Camry at the New York Auto Show at 9:10 am EST. The public won't be able to see the new Camry until the show opens to the public on April 18, but you can check out the live debut of the 2015 Camry here.

Although Toyota hasn't released any teasers of the 2015 Camry we do know that it's going to get a significant midlife refresh with a face that is similar to the Avalon and Corolla and inspired by the Scion FR-S. Toyota recently stated that the 2015 Camry "will challenge conventional expectations of a mid-cycle model change." The rear of the 2015 Camry is also reportedly going to look closer to the Lexus ES 350.

Why is Toyota giving the Camry a significant refresh? The Camry has been the best-selling car in the U.S. for years, but recent competition from models like the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion means that Toyota needs to up its game. In the past midsize sedans have traditionally been bland machines, but every new midsize sedan has received more "emotional" styling, which started with the last generation Hyundai Sonata. The current Camry is now one of the most bland sedans in the segment, so hopefully Toyota can fix that with the 2015 Camry.

Come back tomorrow for all the news about the 2015 Camry and Toyota's press conference, which kicks off at 9:10am.