The answer to what will happen to Brian O'Conner in the upcoming film, Fast & Furious 7, has finally been answered. A lot of rumors have developed since the loss of Paul Walker. However, we can finally report how the production crew plans to complete the film without him.

According to the film's Facebook page, they still plan on using body doubles. However, these doubles will be a little closer to the real thing, being that they are Paul's younger brothers, Caleb and Cody.

“We have resumed shooting and now welcome Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, into our FAST family,” announced Universal Studios on their Fast & Furious Facebook page. “Caleb and Cody are helping us complete some remaining action for their brother and fill in small gaps left in production.”

It would appear that the production crew may have been a lot further along that we were previously led to believe. To go along with that assumption, the announcement also mentioned that “Paul had already shot his dramatic scenes and most of his action for FAST & FURIOUS 7,” And to Paul's credit, Universal concluded with the compliment, “it’s among the strongest work of his career.”

It's been a long couple months, and the decisions being made over at Universal Studios were no doubt difficult. And while the show may not always need to go on; in this case, I think Universal is correct in saying, “We—felt the only choice was to continue—We believe our fans want that, and we believe Paul would want that too.”

Theaters will welcome the long awaited film almost one year from today, on April 15, 2015.