Back in November, we lamented the idea of a 4-cylinder Jaguar F-Type. Why? Because according to rumors at the time, it was reported to only be galloping to the tune of 240 horses. In terms of other disappointments in life this would be like viewing the Eiffel tower from a sewage drain, eating rice with a safety pin, and listening to rap through an AM boombox.

On the other end of the bandwagon is the idea that a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder will be a lot less expensive to produce. This would mean a lot more buyers on Jaguar's lot, and a lot more money to put towards the development of more 'spirited' options, such as the F-Type RS GT, which could possibly showboat the Porsche 911 in a side-by-side comparison.

The only things that might (I say 'might') change our mind is a turbocharged 4-cylinder that offers more horsepower than the rumored 240. Or perhaps a weight reduction, as with the F-Type “Club Sport”, which comes in at a full 440 pounds less than the Coupe R.

Well, we don't have any confirmation of what could be the result of that possible 4-cylinder. However, we may have some of the first documented footage of one in action. TouriClips happened to be on the Nurburgring sidelines when a pair of F-Types were stretching their legs on a couple laps. While you might think that both cars were of the V6 variety, the video producer swears one of them sounded (and performed) more like a 4-cylinder.

Have a look and make your own conclusion: