A few weeks ago we posed the question, is the Porsche 911 Turbo S unbreakable? In consideration of the launch control, the Porsche can launch all day without overheating, shutting down, or grinding itself to a halt. Unfortunately, this is not comforting to the 2014 911 GT3 owners who had to deal with a rash of engine fires to the 3.8-liter flat six-cylinder.

Porsche did the right thing and recalled all 758 GT3's for a full engine replacement. This was an honorable, but expensive, move on Porsche's part. However, considering the problem was likely a defective connecting rod fastener, they didn't have much other choice.

So... recalls, every manufacturer has them, at least Porsche chooses to do the right thing. Or do they? According to Nick Murray, engine fires are the least of his worries when you consider the list of electrical gremlins that he has been dealing with on his 911. A list that includes dead batteries, smoking door panels, error messages, and an indoor pool in the passenger foot well.

Murray has had his Porsche in for service seven times, and has eighteen replacement parts, including a new car horn, which was not broken in the first place. “I want a car that works,” cries Murray to Porsche Cars North America. “Stop jerking me around, and give me my money back, so I can buy another car, and then you can get rid of me.”

Watch the video below to hear why this disgruntled Porsche customer has absolutely had it with his lemon 911.