This weekend Mercedes-Benz is going to officially unveil the Concept Coupe SUV at the Beijing Motor Show. The Concept Coupe SUV is a preview of Mercedes' new BMW X6 fighter, which is expected to be called the MLC.

Mercedes-Benz hasn't released a lot of details about the MLC, but we do know that it will share its platform with the M-Class SUV, just like the X6 borrows its plaform from the X5. Unlike some automakers whose concept cars don't really translate fully into the production models, Mercedes' concepts are pretty close to the real thing.

A release date hasn't been announced, but the MLC could arrive sometime next year. If the MLC does well, Mercedes could even build a smaller version that would compete with the BMW X4. Andreas Zygan, chief engineer of large Mercedes crossovers recently stated, "Whether we build a car like the X4 depends on whether there's enough customers." and "People want new cars, people are obsessed with new things. Even if we don't know exactly what future holds, we have a modular platform strategy and our task is to develop new segments."