Last year VW made GTI and diesel fans in the U.S. happy when it announced plans to bring the Golf GTD here, but now cost concerns may reverse that decision.

The GTD is essentially a GTI, but with a performance tuned turbodiesel under the hood, which means that it's the perfect combination of fun and fuel efficiency wrapped in a practical hatchback. VW originally predicted that the GTD would cost around $27,000 when it arrived for the 2016 model year, but now issues with producing the GTD's diesel engine could raise that price.

Volkswagen Group of America CEO Michael Horn stated at the New York Auto Show that VW is not able to produce the GTD's diesel engine at its plant in Mexico and instead would have to import it from Germany. Importing the GTD from Germany would make it far too expensive. With that bit of news, it looks like plans are now off for the GTD's arrival in the United States. Instead, diesel fans can buy the lower powered Golf TDI or head over to Audi, since Audi is bringing a diesel-powered A3 hatchback to the U.S. next year.