The full reveal of the Mazda MX-5 Miata is scheduled to tip its hat in February of 2015 at the Chicago Auto Show. Until then, we are prepared for Mazda to be offering sneak peeks all year to get fans excited about the new exterior design, chassis, and engine options.

For the New York International Auto show, Mazda has brought along the SKYACTIV chassis, which actually tells us a bit about the new design. One obvious feature is the manual stick, which will come as a relief for those who may be fearing the eventual extinction of these from sports cars.

Another detail is the position of the engine, which is closer to the center of the chassis than ever before, and will improve the fourth generations road handling. Taking these changes into account, Auto Express also assumes that the bonnet should be a little longer than previous generations, and the cabin will be pushed back towards the rear. This could give the MX-5 a classic roadster appearance, including a slightly longer wheel base.

What you can't see is the high strength steel, which is stronger (yet thinner) than previous generations. This will minimize the cars flex during heavy maneuvering, plus shed over 200 pounds from its frame. This could put the MX-5 at a fighting weight of just a bit over 2200 lbs.

The different chassis design, which has been suggested could be shared with the Alfa Romeo/Abarth roadster, gives us hope of the rumors which claim the 2015 Mazda MX-5 will include some “big design changes”. Changes that may introduce less prominent wheel arches and an all new front fascia and grille. If you've been waiting for Mazda to make some serious improvements to the MX-5, now is the time to get a little excited.