Most companies strive to have a viral video spread the word of their brand across the far reaches of the world. However, when that message is anything but positive, the guys with the suits and ties making all the big decisions can get a bit flustered.

After having only had his most recent 'Porsche 911 Issues Update' on YouTube for 48 hours, Nick Murray reports that his video has had the effect of quickly changing Porsche North America's mind. According to Murray, Porsche was initially only willing to give him back a portion of his original purchase price. He did not agree to this logic, considering all the electrical gremlins he has been dealing with over the past several months (see videos below for details).

These problems included dead batteries, smoking door panels, random stalling, and an indoor pool in the passenger foot well. This resulted in a total of seven trips to the dealership and thousands of dollars of replacement parts, including a new horn, of which Murray claims was the one thing that was working.

So, after being offered television spots to explain his story, and Porsche having to deal with a Tsunami of negative comments on their Facebook page, Porsche has promised Murray either a full refund, or the opportunity to order the same car again. In the video below, we see a much happier Murray, who actually offers Porsche some praise for their brand (“I still believe in the vehicles”), and admits he is considering taking the offer to order another Porsche 911.

In case you have not been following his story, the three videos below represent the 6 month review, climax, and final resolution of the viral 'Porsche 9-A-Lemon' Issues videos. While his problems are not funny, Murray has a wit about him that allows his suffering to be almost entertaining. Congrats on the win, Nick.

Porsche 911 6 Month Review:

Porsche 911 Issues Update:

Porsche Problems Finale/Conclusion: