If European football really did involve a bunch of blokes kicking around a ball while a 600 horsepower Fiesta provided interference, the folks in Indianapolis just might be a bit more interested in the past time. None-the-less, Ken Block is doing his best to intertwine automotive racing with the popular sport, by challenging footballer Neymar Jr. to a game of “let's see who can score the most goals.”

Castrol has been busy sharing teaser videos of the event, which officially kicked off yesterday. The age old competition of man vs. machine becomes the theme of this new Gymkhana video, while Brazilian World Cup winner, Cafu, looks on. Cafu offered an awesome opportunity to name drop a legend in the sport of Football, unless you're not a fan of the sport, and then it will just look like some guy with a grin.

This video is very different from the Gymkhana series you have come to know. However, Castrol did a great job of melding the two sports together into something worthy of a couple minutes of your time. Okay, now it the time to place your bets. Who's going to score the most points between Block's Fiesta and Neymar Jr's foot? Let the Games begin: