Motorsports enthusiasts love it when a Japanese sports car is upgraded with race spec equipment, and this is exactly what is being reported about the Subaru BRZ. The only bad news is that none of these upgrades will have anything to do with its current horsepower numbers. However there could be a very practical reason for this anti-madness.

According to Torque News, the upcoming suspension-focused racing updates will come in four flavors, including BRZ, RA Racing, R, and S. The standard Subaru BRZ will come with an improved suspension feel, but the RA Racing will now be tuned specifically for occasional track duty.

The RA Racing will actually receive a good bit of tuning to the suspension, which will greatly improve the feel of its steering. Its body support braces have been significantly enhanced to increase overall high speed straight-line performance, as well as improved agility in the corners.

Less exciting for the BRZ will be a shark-fin antenna and new “WR Blue Pearl” paint job. While the naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter boxer engine and six-speed gearbox will remain the same, Subaru is also making some changes to the diameter of the driveline. Okay, now pay close attention to that last sentence, as this is the hint from Subaru we've been waiting for.

All these preemptive upgrades are what would be necessary for a future boost in horsepower. So, rather than make fans wait a few years for one big update, we'll should be seeing a 'race' spec BRZ emerge—one step of a time.

The suspension upgrade will appear on the Japan-based BRZ on June 27, 2014, and we can hope that will follow with a U.S. Version. The boost in horsepower is unfortunately still just a well-executed rumor—but a rather lovely one at that.