The odds would appear to be against a mid 2015 launch of the luxury hybrid, otherwise known as Fisker Karma. However, the New Fisker President, Roger Brown, has set these lofty goals as a means to prove their intentions, which is quite simply to “build a great car company.”

In the past, the new management (Wanxiang Group) has been accused of buying Fisker to use their trade secrets to import such hybrid technology to China. This would seem to be a viable plan, considering China is currently in the middle of a huge 'green' movement towards sustainability.

None-the-less, Brown remains adamant that production will be re-launching soon. However, before the defunct company can realize such a goal, there are several roadblocks in the way. One, Wanxiang is not quite sure where to set up shop to begin building the hybrid. Two, they don't have a permanent CEO to be making such decisions, and three, the New Fisker only has approximately 25 of the original 200 employees.

Reports suggest that Wanxiang is currently working to hire an additional 200 employees to restart production. The company is also suggesting that a CEO should be in place and up to speed within the next 90 days.

Waxiang has also taxed themselves with the goal to build a less expensive Karma model, known as the Atlantic Concept. The Atlantic could be unveiled somewhere between 2015 and 2017. A wagon variant of the Karma, known as the Surf, has been projected to be released as early as 2016.

All I can say is, one things at a time, Waxiang—one... thing... at... a... time.