May 27, 2014 is the date that Ubisoft's newest game comes out, called Watchdogs. What we have gathered from the trailers that have been slowly coming out, is not only are the graphics amazing, but its multi-player connectivity should bring a new element of interest.

In the latest trailer (below), we see a players ability to join into another player's game, and have a little fun with them. The ability to hack various devices around the city, make it easier to sabotage other players, and in some ways it also makes it more challenging, because they have the same ability. However, you always have control over whether or not you want other players to have access to your game via the menu options.

The story evolves around the character Aiden Pierce, who is an expert hacker and all around dangerous guy. Pierce has the uncanny ability to hack into just about any device in the game, which can be used to your advantage to thwart police (or other players) via roadblocks, and see into areas of the game that Pierce does not have physical access to.

The shootouts have been described as "intense" by Mercury News, who has played five hours of Watchdogs already. One unique aspect of the game is its Tablet support, which allows tablet players to take part in the game via helicopters designed to stop the multiple 'Aiden's' playing in multi-person mode. They can do this by creating traps and sending vehicles to ram the cars to submission. This allows the game to cross over into mobile territory.

One criticism of the game, according to Car Scoops, is that the 'unscripted' action is really not all that unscripted. In other words, the hackable objects practically have red bulls-eye's painted on them, which can distract from all the other realism in the game. However, the one thing that cannot be denied, is that the overall gameplay on Watchdogs looks amazing. Check it out for yourself: