The sold out Koenigsegg Agera One:1 is an amazing machine at One-Megawatt of power. The only thing anyone could really find wrong with it is its $2.8 million price tag. But this is a limited edition supercar, complete with carbon fiber wheels, so, of course it would be expensive. If you're willing to down grade to one of the other flavors of Agera... well, yeah, you're still talking over a million dollars.

According to Motor Authority, Christian von Koenigsegg is seriously considering building a supercar for half the going rate of an Agera, which would put it at somewhere between $600,000 to $700,000. However, don't worry about them cutting too many corners, as Christian would never allow any design less than absolutely exclusive to pass through his door, or any engine slower than incredibly insane.

This would be a smart marketing move for the small supercar manufacturer, who has not only sold out of their Agera One:1, but has recently begun taking orders from the posh Manhattan (NY) Motorcars. This will put the United States just behind China as far as popularity in sales go, and the brand will now be in front of a lot more curious eyes who would be more likely to spend a half million over the full.

While Koenigsigg is busy deciding what they can cut out of their parts bin to drop the going price of an exclusive supercars, here is a brief reminder of why insane speed at Koenigsegg costs so darn much.