There is really only one way to compare the graphics of a new video game, and that is to put it head to head with real video footage on the same track. Even just a couple years ago most studios would not have been open to such a comparison, as there would be too many noticeable glitches in the games reality. AdrianF1ESPRacing has put a BMW M3 GTS GT4 from Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS, up against some actual footage of a BMW GT4 on the very same Laguna Seca track.

I could say that it looks like there are a few more trees in the Slightly Mad Studios version. I could also say that the BMW GT4 on the video game may be just a bit too shiny for the harsh reality of track racing. However, let's not kid each other here. The graphics on Project CARS is looking absolutely amazing, especially for a game that still has about 6 months left in the oven.

We had a sneak peek of Project CARS 1440 p Ultra-HD graphics a few months ago. However, I think the video below is perhaps the most impressive showcase of what this game may very well bring to the table next Fall. What I find particularly amazing are the detailed reflection in the hood, which take into consideration all the surrounding buildings, bridges, and clouds.

Prepare to get the “I wanna's” as you watch ths comparison video below. And just to get you in the buying mood, so far the only platforms we know of that will be capable of delivering this game to an HD capable device near you are Sony Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Oculus Rift, and Steam.