June 16, 2014, is the date when Renault promises to update their fans on their plan to take back the Nurburgring Record for front wheel drive production car, after having Seat's Leon Cupra 280 best them by several seconds. The Mégane 265 held the record a couple months ago at 8m7.97s. However, last month the Leon Cupra found a new fastest time of 7m58.4s.

To raise hype of Renaultsport's intentions to overthrow the current record holder, they have begun a campaign called 'Under 8'. Here's what we know so far. Judging from the exhaust teaser Renault posted on facebook last week (photo above), the Under 8 project will feature a performance exhaust system provided by Akraprovic. This is the same manufacturer who is currently providing exhaust for the Clio RS 200 Turbo.

AutoCar recently posted several spy photos of the upgraded Renault Mégane 265 as it rounded Nurburgring last week in a testing session. According to these photos, it would appear that the 'Under 8' will also be relying on new lightweight alloy wheels, bespoke tires, bigger brakes, and a lowered chassis to give it an edge on the windy track.

However, we hope that Renault has plans to fend off several other competitors, as there will certainly be other contenders shooting for the prestige of being the fastest front wheel drive production car around Nurburgring. Such hopefuls could possibly include the Volkswagen Super Golf GTI, upcoming Honda Civic Type R, and the Peugeot 308 R Concept.

Stay tuned: The front wheel drive Nurburgring war is just getting started.