Aston Martin has announced that it is working on a new platform for its next generation of sports cars. Aston Martin's current VH platform has been around for almost a decade, but Aston Martin CFO Hanno Kirner has confirmed that a new platform is in the works.

"We are engineering a completely new architecture and technologies to ensure that our next generation of sports cars is at the forefront of design, performance and technology," Kirner stated. Aston Martin is also going to leverage its partnership with Daimler AG to develop the new powertrains for the new sports cars. According to some reports, the next-generation DB9 will be powered by a AMG-sourced 4.0L V8 engine.

There have also been some reports that Aston Martin could take more than just engines from Daimler AG, with some rumors suggesting that Aston Martin could also use the Mercedes MSA platform that will be the basis for the next-generation SL and SLK. A time frame for the next-generation platform has not been announced.

Either way, thanks to the face that Aston Martin's revenue jumped 13 percent to £519 million last year, the automaker has a bit more cash to work with now.