If you really want to know the practical advantages of a new type of vehicle, invite a bunch of average, hard working folks (and Josh Hartnett, pictured above) to step inside and have a drive through their favorite city. “We realised right away, after the first test-drives, that we should utilize the excitement of BMW i3 test-drivers for a really authentic and unique form of communication,” said the head of BMW Brand Management and Marketing Services, Dr. Steven Althaus.

So, BMW loaded up a dash cam, turned it on its passengers, and let the action create its own story. A story that began with an idea that was certainly not the first of its kind. However, the i3 is the first electric vehicle for BMW, and it does appear to be a capable offering.

The BMW i3 features 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque through an all-electric motor. It is capable of garnishing distances up to 80 to 100 miles without a recharge. With this in consideration, as long as your i3 is not destined for any long road trips, it should provide plenty of go-juice for most daily commutes.

The 107 people who were given the chance to experience the BMW i3 first hand, went into it with the common knowledge of what an electric vehicle is, and came out with a big old grin on their face. To quote one particular driver, “People out there living their lives... And we're in here living in the future.”

The video below is a brief 1:30 minute snapshot of almost 30 hours of footage that BMW collected while the i3 was test driven in Berlin, London and Madrid. Cue the Pharrell Williams Happy soundtrack, as things are about to get... well, a little jovial.