We've been featuring a lot of reviews on the LaFerrari supercar the past couple days, and for good reason. Not only is it the main competition of both the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder, it is also just a darn fine looking (and performing) supercar.

From LaFerrari's initial videos, we've witnessed a lot of low and high end grunting from Sport Auto magazine, we've watched EVO magazine stretch its legs on the Fiorano track, and we've seen it behaving badly on the Mugello track. However, one important opinion has yet to be reported, and that is from the supercar gurus at Top Gear.

Spoiler Alert: I will tell you that Top Gear liked it. As you watch their short video review, you will likely find yourself wondering—what's not to like, other than its whopping price tag. In particular, they loved the extreme nature of this wild beast. And they were incredibly impressed with all the tech gadgets which somehow manage to tame this beast into something your average bloke can drive—drive well, and not kill him or herself in the process.

There was really only one complaint that Top Gear thought was important enough to mention. And that is the fact that the LaFerrari may be so good, that it leaves little room to aspire to be better. In their own words: “So exhilarating, so extreme is the LaFerrari that it feels more an end rather than a beginning.”

I'll leave you with that thought as you cue up the video player to see this glorious machine in action: