It would appear that Top Gear spoke too soon when they said in a recent review of the LaFerrari, “So exhilarating, so extreme is the LaFerrari that it feels more an end rather than a beginning.” This is because just as the reviews are starting to pour out for the hybrid hypercar, rumors are ramping up that a track version of the car is already in the works. It has been dubbed “XX” for the time being, and Top Gear has some interesting insight on the details of this 'improved' LaFerrari.

When manufacturers claim to make a track specific car, it can mean a lot of things. However, for Ferrari, it signifies an F1 worthy creation that is extreme and also tame enough to be handled by a civilian. This is a byproduct of extreme engineering that has tamed even this 950 horsepower gorilla in a boxing ring, and turned it into a flawless ballet performer.

What this means on paper is that the LaFerrari XX will be going on a diet of proper suspension, aerodynamic body panels, and slick tires. Its main weight loss secret however, would most likely be an F1 derived V6 turbo, which we may have already been improperly introduced to.

This is the part where we are forced to recall late last year, when rumors kicked up that a LaFerrai had been spotted on Fiorano making a very suspicious turbo V6 tone. This makes a lot of sense, as to improve on the already extreme nature of the current V-12 and Hy-Kers system, would require something very special. Something that only an F1 derived powerplant could deliver, and so we are left to wonder.

The LaFerrari XX even has a date of delivery, according to Top Gear. It is expected to arrive sometime in January or February of next year. While it will no doubt have a few surprises, it will basically be a sibling of the FXX, which has been out for awhile. The target Nurburgring numbers for the XX are 6m35s, and if you can believe that, then birds can fly. Yeah, in other words, we believe it.

Stay tuned for more info.