Scion Canada is confident enough (or desperate, as some might say) to see their FR-S in the winners circle, they are increasing the payouts from last year, which totaled a maximum of $4,000 for the top performers.

“We look forward to continuing the momentum in 2014 for this exceptional program,” said Scion Canada director, Cyril Dimitris. “As part of its evolution, we're pleased to announce changes to the payout ratio to better reward racers who demonstrate a higher level of participation.”

A cash reward for a race can now be earned by simply signing up for an event, as it is actually possible to receive incentive for coming in dead last. Scion FR-S Racers will have the potential to receive up to five reward payouts per season just for their participation in the event.

You read that correctly, you now get a reward just for paying the entrance fee, which means Scion Racing will be returning a percentage of that expense to you for up to five events. These participation payouts will range anywhere from $350 for road race events, on down to $40 for autocross events.

Now, if you win an event, you will be looking at a substantial hike in reward money. For a first place finish in a road race, the winner will be entitled to $800. So, if you win all five of the races you enter you can receive up to $4000. If you lose all five races, you will still get $1750 back just for your efforts.

And if you are chuckling at the thought of an underpowered FR-S on the track, Scion has put together this video to show you that horsepower is only a portion of what makes a winning track car.