Ayrton Senna will be remembered as the greatest racing driver in the world. To commemorate his achievements in the world of racing, Playstation has announced that Gran Turismo 6 will be joining the Ayrton Senna Institute (AST), and offering Ayrton Senna-inspired content throughout the month of May.

The Ayrton Senna tribute page on the official Gran Turismo (GT) website explains their new relationship with Senna's family. This includes taking part in their AST charitable foundation, which is dedicated to improving the education of children.

The short documentary film, titled “Ayrton's Wish,” has just been released on the GT.com website, and offers an emotional look at how the foundation grew from a single wish that Senna expressed before his untimely death 20 years ago. The website is also presenting a two part slide show, which progress through some of the greatest moments of Senna's career. For another look at Ayrton's life accomplishments, the featured length film, Senna, offers a more detailed look at his humble, yet remarkable story.

Towards the end of the month, GT.com is planning to launch special down-loadable content (DLC) for Gran Turismo 6. There is no word on exactly what this will include. However, we can confirm that the legendary Lotus 97T Formula 1 car will be a part of the equation. the GT6 Facebook page promises to keep fans up to date on all upcoming content throughout this month.

“To the Ayrton Senna Institute and to the Senna family, it's really gratifying to have this partnership with PlayStation, through the game Gran Turismo 6, precisely in the Year 2014, when we celebrate the 20th year legacy of our beloved Ayrton,” said Bianca Senna about the newly formed partnership with GT6. “
The game, without a doubt, is a very nice way to share his values to the new generations, as well as renew and immortalize the memory of this worldwide idol in an innovative approach.