“Please be assured I did everything in my power to not use that word,” said the television host, Jeremy Clarkson, in a video apology in reference to a video take that was edited out of a segment of Top Gear a number of years ago. “And as I'm sitting here begging your forgiveness for the fact that obviously my efforts weren't good enough.”

This video was a direct response to the British newspaper, Daily Mirror, posting the footage online last week of the host slurring the n-word during a recital of the children's nursery rhyme, 'Eenie Meenie Miney Moe'.

Upon posting this unedited/unviewed take of that segment of the show, outrage has poured out by the media for the resignation of the host. As reported by the Daily Mirror, BBC is currently taking the stance of giving him one more chance. This is according to a recent headline in the newspaper, which gives us the impression that Clarkson has been told if he makes one more offensive remark, he will be 'sacked'.

This story brings to mind, Donald Sterling, and his lifetime ban, $2.5 million fine, and the possibility of being forced to sell the LA Clippers. According to polls provided by CBS News, there is a bit of a divide between the population as to whether or not the punishment given to Sterling was 'too hard'.

This begs the question, if Clarkson walks away without an obvious punishment for his remark, other than his video apology, is he getting off too easy? We'd like to hear your opinion on the similarity of Clarkson's and Sterling's racist outcry, and what you would consider to be the right amount of punishment for Clarkson's actions? Please leave your comments below.

Watch the video report by CNN.com: