Kia's global design boss Peter Schreyer has stated that he would like to add a sports car to Kia's lineup in the future and we thought the world got a preview of it earlier this year with the GT4 Stinger concept, but unfortunately some Kia execs may not be on board. Kia's Director of Overseas Marketing, Lee Soon-nam recently made comments that suggested that the automaker's lineup is not ready for a sports car.

Rather than focusing its energy on producing sports cars like the GT and GT4 Stinger concepts, Lee Soon-nam recently told Automotive News that Kia needs to work on strengthening its brand image and awareness. "The volume will be smaller and then we can't enhance the brand image fully. We would like to build our brand image to some level. Then we can maximize the effects of the new car launch." Soon-nam is also worried that a small niche vehicle like a sports car will not have a high enough sales volume to make it profitable.

These latest statements contradict earlier rumors that the GT4 Stinger had been given the green light for production. With new models like the K900 and Cadenza working to improve Kia's image in the luxury space, a sports car could also help boost Kia's "sporty" image and help it stand further apart from its parent, Hyundai.