Several days ago reports were running rampant that most all Camaro Z/28 parts were going to be severely restricted to Z/28 owners only. This was to ensure that the only Z/28 looking and functioning Camaro's on the strest would be the result of $75,000 of your hard earned cash, rather than $32,000 for the standard V8, plus the going rate for clone parts. This problem was then compounded by the news that all 2014 Z/28s had already been sold out.

Well, the General is smart enough to know that if they don't sell some of these parts, another company is going to create their own line of 'Z/28-like' upgrades, and pull a hefty chunk of profit out of their pockets. Not acceptable. So, to work around the problem, GM has decided to open sales of most every performance part that makes a Z/28 Camaro function at a higher capacity, while prohibiting the sale of the stuff that makes it look the way it does (emblems, badges, wheels).

This way, almost any V8 Camaro owner can own a sports car that functions as well as an original Z/28, but will just not look like one. Sounds like a fair trade-off to me. There are no words on the prices of these upgrades, but we do have a list of upcoming parts, which begins with a Recaro seat upgrade, which can be purchased separately for the driver's seat, or as a pair.

The complete Z/28 suspension package will also be available, offering stiffer springs, control arms, anti-roll bars, and spool-valve shock absorbers. There will also be a couple of parts for the rear end, including a helical limited-slip differential and 'Cooling System' upgrade. To take advantage of the upcoming popularity of aftermarket cold air intakes and exhaust systems, the General will sell you the original Z/28 cold air intake box and its original exhaust manifold.

Now, there are an assortment of exterior parts that have more purpose than just aesthetics, and we can count on GM to sell most of these too. These kits will include the front brake duct package that routes cold air to the front brakes. Then there will be the original front splitter, front wheel lip extensions, rear spoiler, and an underbody panel to smooth air flow underneath the Camaro.

All parts will be available either this coming June or July 2014, so feel free to start making out your wish lists today.