While it may not appear as if much is going on behind the doors at Maserati, the sounds of silence can be deceiving, especially as Maserati prepared to close production to the 2014 GranTurismo. The three cars Maserati will be left with at the close of 2014, are the 'bland' Quattroporte, Ghibli mid-sized sedan, and the Levante SUV.

According to Fiat/Chrysler, the Levante will come in only all-wheel drive, and will be packing some muscle with the help of the Porsche Macan's 350 and 420 horsepower V6. However, it won't be until 2016 that we will see a sports car worthy of taking on the Jaguar F-Type, and we have come to know this contender as the Alfieri Concept.

The Alfieri will come with several engine options, with the 410 horsepower V6 being Maserati's only rear-wheel drive variant of the sports coupe. In order to get into the more serious powertrains of roughly 450 to 520 horsepower, customers will have to opt for their all-wheel drive V6. Then, a year later from that the 2017 convertible Alfieri will make its debut.

True enthusiasts of the Maserati name will be especially excited to see the GranTurismo reemerge in 2018, and it will be boasting a 560 horsepower powerplant churning through a 100 percent rear-wheel drive platform. Not wanting to leave their other models out of the fun, Maserati will also take this moment to offer the same massive engine across the board to their Levante, Ghibli, and Quattroporte.

We're glad to see Maserati thinking ahead, and while it isn't all exciting, it is at the very least a step in the right direction.