McLaren is seriously considering building a 'track only' version of their P1 hypercar, which has been dubbed internally as the “P1 Track”. However, this news will not substantially affect your life unless you are the current owner of a P1 road car.

According to Autocar, McLaren has already sent a letter to all 375 owners of their P1, asking if there would be any interest in buying a track version of the car. The small automotive company is only considering building a small number of these P1 Track's, which is why they are only extending the opportunity to current owners.

If there is enough interest, McLaren would likely house the track cars for the owners, similar to the line of LaFerrari XX track cars. In addition, the manufacturer would also host special track events where owners could enjoy a day with their road-banned P1.

What could McLaren possibly unleash extra from its already insane road-version? Well, we know that there are at least 60 lb-ft of additional torque available for the P1 through its hybrid electric drivetrain. We also assume there is some additional horsepower available from its 3.8-liter twin turbo petrol engine.

To take full advantage of its road illegal status, McLaren would probably also upgrade the suspension, which would likely include setting it at a locked, ultra low height to save weight. They would also make use of their extensive wind tunnel testing, and the P1 Track would probably lose some aesthetics in favor of a purely race-inspired, aerodynamic design.

We hope that at least a handful agree to the terms, as we would love to see what a dedicated P1 Track could do on Nurburgring.