Electric cars have come a long way from the remote control variations we had over 20 years ago. Today, an electric motor can power a dragster to approximately 2,000 whisper quiet horsepower, and 7.258 seconds down a quarter mile at 184.01 mph (a new record).

You might be wondering, how does one get so much horsepower from an electric motor. Well, according to the example set by the new record holder, 82-year-old Don “Big Daddy” Garlit, it takes four lithium battery packs, 1,200 cells, and six DC electric motors delivering a total of 1,500 killowatts.

The SR-37 electric dragster still has a ways to go to match the potential of nitro-fired top fuel car. A modern top fuel dragster can maintain 8,000 horsepower and 300 mph all day long down a track. However, electric technology is catching up quick, and it shouldn't be too long before a 300 mph electric dragster is in the record books.

“I think we’ll tinker with the gearing and be looking for more power control to the motors so that we have full current delivery,” commented Mike Gerry, the engineer behind the SR-37 dragster. “We hope we can turn it around soon for another test and record attempt—We should get 200 next time out and I think we can break into the sixes.”

Enjoy the serene mayhem of two slick tires pummeling a quarter mile of tarmac, with no other sound in the background, other than the yelp of victory.

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