“They say I am fearless but I am not,” says the premier soccer/football coach, José Mourinho, in Jaguar's newest commercial spot.

The Jaguar F-Type is not a difficult sports car to like. Its 550 horsepower horsepower R Coupe is an insane animal. However, to be quite honest, even the supercharged V6 will get your blood pumping, just as it seemed to do for the host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson.

The problem is not what Jaguar can offer its buyers, but creating a new image that will entice them to see past other cars like the Porsche 911. To accomplish this, Jaguar has been busy creating a lineup of performance oriented models, that will have the capability to take on some of the worlds most revered sports cars.

Jaguar has also been busy connecting the Jaguar brand with cool, heroic, and sometimes villainy characters, such a Tom Hiddleston in the below commercial spot.

This week Jaguar has taken another step towards their goal, by introducing the fear of Mourinho, and comparing it to the fearless nature of the F-Type.

“Beware,” Mourinho says dramatically in the video below. “A man fueled by fear--is a man to be feared.”