Honda is finally going to start adding sports cars back to its lineup with the much anticipated NSX and a production version of the S660 concept, but now there is a new report that an S2000 successor may finally be in the works as well.

The S2000 disappeared after 2009 and since then there have been several rumors about a successor, but Honda has never confirmed anything. Now Auto Express is reporting that Honda is working on a S2000 successor, but unlike the original roadster, the successor may instead transform into a mid-engine coupe. According to the report, the S2000 successor will not only become a coupe, but will also get a hybrid powertrain.

The new S2000 will borrow the turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder from the next Civic Type-R, but will also get an electric motor to give it a total output around 350 horsepower. The hybrid system will feature technology being developed for the McLaren Formula One team and should give the S2000 successor a 0-60 mph time around 5.0 seconds.

If the S2000 successor does get the green light, it isn't expected to arrive until sometime around 2017.