A performance Cadillac ELR-V hybrid is not such a far out idea. In fact, it just might be a turning point to making their plug-in stand out in a Tesla crowd. Here are a few fast facts to suggest the possibility of such an idea.

One, the current ELR is selling slower than molasses pouring out of a nearly empty syrup bottle, so they are probably a little desperate to shake things up. Two, their poor market performance may have something to do with the fact that the Tesla Model S is considered to be a better value. This leaves GM with only a few options to turn things around. Three, Tesla is ramping up performance partners with Saleen, which might give GM the opportunity to challenge Tesla and come out with a slicker, in-house performance edition.

The rumors of a possible ELR-V hybrid started a couple months ago with the simple question posed by Driving The Nation, 'Will there be a ELR-V version?' Mark Reuss, the Executive VP of GM, declined to answer, but didn't hesitate to consider the possibility to 'expand the tuning envelope.'

Recently, spy photos (shots) of a possible performance oriented Cadillac ELR started surfacing on Autoblog and Autoguide. After considering the camouflaged grille and four-piston calipers that appear to be adorning the hybrid Caddy, it seems like a reasonable assumption that this could be an ELR-V. At the very least, we could hope that it is a 'Vsport' in the making.

What do you think—is GM only shuffling chairs on the deck of the Titanic, or could they actually be on their way to creating some worthy competition for Tesla and their Model S?