It makes perfect sense to us that an 850 horsepower Litchfield LM850 Nissan R35 GT-R would make a fantastic challenger against the new McLaren P1. However, we'll let the video below sort through some of that 'misplaced' logic.

To say the least, McLaren continues to impress us this month. Not only has the P1 accomplished a 2.6-second 0-60 acceleration launch at the Top Gear race track, it is also rumored to be considering a “track only” version. Now we have visual confirmation that 'Godzilla' may not even be much of a match against its ballistic low end grunt.

Join Shmee150 in the video below, as he takes you behind the scenes of this years VMAX Hypermax Festival hosted in the UK. If you have never heard of the event, just imagine a bucket full of high-end performance machines collecting around a long strip of tarmac, and enjoying some good old fashioned 'gentlemen's' racing.

Well, at least things stayed pretty gentlemanly until this P1 dropped by and turned things up a notch. Keep watching after the GT-R drag race to see the McLaren take a leisurely 211 mph stroll (205 mph according to the radar) down the main straightaway.