You've probably heard that Jay Leno recently purchased a yellow 2015 McLaren P1. It is one of only 375 made, and also one of the first to hit U.S. soil. However, probably the greatest thing about having Jay as our wingman with the P1, is that we know he is not going to blow smoke up our chimney's.

He is not just concerned about its 0-60 potential, and he is not going to treat his P1 like a trailer or track queen. In fact, the first thing Leno did after taking possession of his newest member of his Big Dog Garage, was to take it out on the road for 1,000 miles. And when I say road—I mean quite literally, he brought it out on the streets of California to see how the car behaved on everyday asphalt.

Part of the pitch behind the McLaren P1, is that it is a high performance weapon that can also be a tame daily driver (although the upcoming track version will likely not have the same laid back attitude). So, when you buy one (like Jay), you are basically getting a two for one deal.

This weeks Jay's Garage welcomes the Mclaren CEO himself, Mike Flewitt, to properly introduce Jay to McLaren P1 ownership. Jay is also the proud Papa of both a F1 and 12C. However, we all know that the P1 is quite a different animal from anything that McLaren has released in the past.

Let's get Jay's opinion on what it is like to drive a McLaren P1 on the street. And we don't just have to accept his vocal opinion, as he also graciously invites us along for the ride: