Rumors continue to circulate that BMW and Lexus are working together on a successor to the Lexus LFA supercar with Japan's Best Car magazine even devoting the rumor to the cover of the magazine for the second time in six months.

Over two years ago BMW and Toyota inked a deal to co-develop a sports car with a hybrid powertrain, but it hasn't been confirmed if this will indeed be a replacement for the LFA. Last year Australia's Motoring reported that a supercar with the BMW M5's 4.4L V8 and Lexus' hybrid system was in the works. The magazine even suggested that it would employ carbon fiber techniques from the BMW i8.

Right now all that we can go on is that the BMW and Toyota partnership is expected to focus on the BMW and Toyota lineup, with a production version of the FT-1 concept, but would an LFA successor be a nice addition? Lexus could use a new halo sports car to compete with the upcoming Acura NSX, but is it a wise decision to use BMW's resources to produce it? Stay tuned.