A thinly disguised Porsche Cayman featuring aggressive body work and aero has been spotted close to the Nurburgring. According to seasoned spy photographers, the blacked out Cayman is likely a test mule for an upcoming Porsche Cayman R, also known as the Cayman GT4.

It was previously reported that Porsche is working on a more powerful version of the Cayman, that would be badged the Cayman GT4, but now the Autocar has reported the hardcore sports car will actually remain the Porsche Cayman R. Porsche hasn't released any information about the Cayman R or Cayman GT4, but in addition to the more aggressive body work, the special Porsche Cayman is expected to be powered by the same 3.8L flat-six cylinder as the 911 S, but detuned to generate less than 400 horsepower to keep the Cayman model in check.

Motor Trend has reported that the new Cayman GT4 will have a price tag around $125k when it arrives, which is almost the same price as the 911 GT3. The last Cayman R was sold back in 2012, but it's not known when the new one will arrive. Given the early stages of this prototype, don't expect the new Cayman R or Cayman GT4 to arrive until sometime next year at the earliest.