Ferrari is thinking that if they could just get the Red Bull designer, Adrian Newey, on their team; they might have a chance to get back in the 2014 F1 season. “Ferrari badly want Adrian Newey,” suggested a source from The Guardian. “I don't know whether they have talked to him yet; but if not, they will.”

Scuderia Ferrari, the legendary F1 team known to be one of the wealthiest in the sport, is reportedly looking to Newey as the savior for the team and its 2014 endeavors. Ferrari has not won a race since last year's Spanish Grand Prix, and the Red Bull car is considered to be the best design in the sport today. Unfortunately, the Renault engine has fallen short of expectation. However, Ferrari is confident their power unit has what it takes to move to the front of the grid.

According to the source in The Guardian, the team will stop at nothing short of multiple stacks of monetary incentive to entice Newey to right their canted ship. The problem with Ferrari's plan, is that Newey is already wealthy from his work with the Milton Keynes Team, who reportedly pays $15 million per year for his services.

The Red Bull team principle, Christian Horner, has swept these rumors over loose gravel. “It is an annual thing that there is speculation about Adrian's future but he has made his feelings clear to me about the team,” said Horner. “He has paternal feelings towards the team and he is much more involved than he has been, and he enjoys the environment he works in.”

However, when Sky Television asked Newey this past Sunday if he plans to stick with Red Bull for the remainder of his career, he simply replied, “I don't know. I need to think about it.”

“At some point, I am going to have to think about the future,” continued Newey. “But, at the moment, my focus is getting in front of the silver cars (Mercedes).” What might drive Newey into Ferrari's open embrace is the challenge and prestige involved with turning the year around for the Scuderia team. Unfortunately, Ferrari is also laden in politics, which is one thing that turned Newey away from McLaren.

So far, the 2014 F1 season may be dominated by Mercedes and seasonal rumors. However, one rumor we are not ready to discount is the possibility of Newey and Red Bull turning things around in the coming weeks. In particular, the next race at Monaco has traditionally favored high downforce over outright horsepower and top speed. This will favor Red Bull's aero and chassis engineering talent over Mercedes' unmatched power unit.

Meanwhile, Ferrari's #1 Fernando Alonso admitted Mercedes' current pace puts them in a "different category" than any team in Formula 1 right now. Despite an upgrade package for the Spanish Grand Prix, the Silver Arrows were still nearly 90 seconds ahead of the two Ferrari race cars. 

"This season has been so-so; we haven't been quick enough," Alonso admitted. "We have been lapped in Spain, we were ninth and 10th in Bahrain, we are not on the first row of the grid, but we are third in the world championship.

"I know that the performance gap and points gap is quite big, [but] our job at the moment is to work hard on the car with all the team in Maranello, try to become a bit more competitive, and try to make things a little more difficult for Mercedes." No doubt to Alonso's frustration, the Spaniard has now gone a year without winning an F1 race. However, Alsonso remains hopeful that Ferrari is a team capable of helping him achieve a third crown.

"I think we need to work hard, it was four points away in 2010 and three in 2012 so we've been close, let's hope we will have an opportunity again to fight for the championship and hopefully with the next one we won't miss it," Alonso added.