Another company joins the long list of Car makers in the recall activity. Joining the ranks of Recall Companies is Nissan. Nissan recalls over 54,000 cars because of defective airbags.

Beside the Takata chaos that involves so many car companies, a new issue of involuntary airbag opening is the cause of such recall. Slammed Doors could cause the deployment of these airbags. Such sudden bursts of airbags could cause injuries to the driver and passengers.

As Nissan recalls over 54,000 cars, the company traced the cause of these sudden airbag bursting. It is due to the wearing away of the side impact sensor connector pins. Nissan is ready to repair the degraded, affected part free of charge, as reported by Yahoo News.

Part of the Nissan recall of over 54,000 units is the Versa and Infiniti QX30. The Older Versa sedans are in for the recall sold between June 9, 2011, to April 2, 2012.Nissan further stated that the cause for the eroding away of the connector pins of the airbags is due to its oxidation causing it to weaken by rust. Using different metals to forge the pins could cause it to rust rapidly. The tendency of the airbags connectivity to the sensor units is lost causing slamming of doors to trigger the airbags, as reported by Auto Evolution.

Also part of the Nissan recall of over 54,000 vehicles is 2017 model year Infinity QX30 SUV. The cause is defective airbag system. The passenger side airbag may fail to deploy as the defect is in the inflator initiator. 509 of these models are in for recall per Nissan North America advice. QX30 SUVs manufactured between Aug. 11, 2016, and Sept. 27, 2016, are in for recall according to the National Traffic and Highway Administration, as reported by Automotive Fleet.

Nissan will repair or replace defective air bag assembly without any charge.