The Chevy Bolt 2017 is Chevrolet's entry into the growing electric vehicle market. Launched at the 2016 Computer Electronics Show, it boasts of features that can make it go toe-to-toe with its rivals. Here let us take a look at what this electric vehicle can offer.

Car and Driver reports that the Chevy Bolt 2017 can give the Tesla 3 a run for its money. The Bolt is a Car and Driver Editor's Choice winner in the Electric Vehicle category. It features a floor-mounted battery powered by a 200 horsepower electric motor. It offers great acceleration charging to 60 mph in just 6.5 seconds.

Chevrolet boasts that the Chevy Bolt 2017 is loaded with technology features that will make long term ownership of an electric vehicle truly worthwhile. It has a 10.2" color touch screen display that is customizable and uses a widget-based "flip-board style" operation. Rear camera mirror provides a wide-angle view of the environment behind the vehicle. For improved safety, it has surround vision giving the driver a bird's eye view of the surroundings when driving and parking.

Roadshow reveals that the Chevy Bolt 2017 uses "landscape" cells in its batteries. These are long and flat compared to the cylindrical cells. The battery is capable of DC fast charging at 50 kW on an SAE Combo plug. At full clip, it will add about 90 miles of range in 30 minutes. When fully charged, the battery can go 9 hours. The battery offers 60 kilowatt hours of energy to go on a 238 mile range, higher than what the Tesla 3 offers.

The Chevy Bolt 2017 will start at a base price of $37,495 but once the $7,500 Federal tax credits kicks in, the price will go down to less than $30,000. Some states and municipalities offers incentives lower than that.