Originally unveiled as a prototype in 2012, the Tesla Model X has wowed both consumers and investors with many of its capabilities. Since its first deliveries in 2015, it is now ranked as one of the best-selling vehicles in the world with more than 25,000 units sold by December of 2016. However, could a one-of-a-kind vehicle such as the Tesla Model X be overpriced?

A single Tesla Model X unit sells for an incredible 154,450 USD for a 75D version and 224,650 USD for a P100D version. The Globe and Mail claim that a single P100D version can buy two top-of-the-line, non-electric Range Rovers. This comparison has raised a few eyebrows. Is it all worth the price?

To make up for its price, the Tesla Model X has offered up a remarkable number characteristics. First of all, it is the first electric SUV in the world. According to a report from Telegraph UK, 40 minutes can make an empty battery be charged to up to 80 percent. It has very efficient energy consumption and zero emissions. Not only is it safe for the environment because it uses no fuel, it also involves no exhaust.

With a seating capacity of seven, it is the first full-sized electric SUV not only by Tesla but of any car maker in the world. On top of that, its trademark 'falcon wing' doors open up to both the second and third row of seats.

Despite being an electric vehicle, it is known to be the SUV with the topmost speed. However, earlier this year Autoblog reports it was involved in a nasty lawsuit after a famous Korean actor sued the company for damages claiming that the car automatically accelerated. Despite these kinds of rumored problems, it would seem that consumers are still more than satisfied with the performance of the vehicle with every cent spent worth it.