There have been many instances of old classic cars being found at the most unique places that people would not expect. Most recently, a person discovered one of the last released cars by Ford, a 1988 Ford EXP Luxury Coupe in a Junkyard.

Autoweek released this gem of the article which featured this story. It featured the author of this article suddenly coming upon this car . This car is really special for many reasons. First of all it is one of the last of its kind.

1988 was the last year Ford released the EXP cars but they have started it since 1982. They tried to even turbo charge the car in 1984 but the car could not keep up with the competition. FInally in 1988 the car stopped but during that time it was more of a luxury coupe.

This car that the author found could very well be one of the last produced cars and also a car that was extremely in tact. There was no rust on it and the only damage it had on its shell was general wear and tear from moving about in a junkyard.

This car was made during a time where Honda had the public in its hand being one fo the best and most efficient car suppliers out there. The car is a two door coupe according to Automobile Catalog, and has a top speed of 177 km/h.

For its time the car was pretty good and even now, because of its condition it can be an excellent restoration project for someone if that lucky person chooses to buy and take it away from the junkyard. The real question is how it even ended up there in the first place. Nonetheless, it was great seeing a car that is well known as a jewel in its own time.