The new "Dark Souls" DLC came out quite a bit ago and a lot of people are playing it. "Dark Souls" creators have always been the people who never put anything in the game if it is not important to it. Every single bit of armor, potions, spells, or anything that can be picked up in the game pieces together the whole lore for the game.

The new DLC is called the Ringed City and it basically adds an entire section to the game itself. According to the Trusted Review, all the good and bad points about the DLC has been reviewed. The price has been displayed as well and the DLC sells for only $12. That does not seem like a bad deal.

First of all, in terms of the Pros of the new DLC, there are quite a few. For starters, it has a lot more weight than the previous DLC. This means there is a lot more lore, more areas, more bosses, and generally more things to do in the game. Second, the new locations are really beautiful.

The ringed city itself is quite the unique looking place that is very soothing to the eye, until someone pops up and tries to kill the player. Third, it has really challenging boss fights. In fact, some people say that it has the best best boss fights shown in a Dark Souls DLC.

Fourth, it adds a lot to the already intriguing story the game has. All the bits and pieces of lore, and any missing stories left behind are fulfilled by this DLC. The only con about this new DLC is that it will make one scream and curse quite a bit.

A writer from Kotaku was playing the game and saw someone using two giant doors as weaponized shields in the game during a fight club session. He looked more into it and it was called the "Great Door Shield" and looks quite a bit like a door. All in all the new DLC just gives one more hours of gameplay into this already amazing game.