Chevrolet Bolt EV sold out like an Idol concert in South Korea. The demand for the electronic car is five times higher than the supply. In less than two hours, 400 units of Chevrolet Bolt EV were sold and received nearly 2,000 orders at the end of the day.

"It completely sold out," General Motors Korea, Chief Executive Officer James Kim said. According to Automotive News, Kim also promised to create more Chevrolet Bolt EV soon. GM started to accept orders on March 17, before the 2017 Seoul Motor Show where they explain officially introduce 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Bolt's chief engineer, Mike Lelli, thinks that being tech savvy of South Koreans help to sold out Chevy Bolt that fast. "The IT infrastructure is extremely strong here. It sort of lends itself to a technical car as well. I think that can help move this from those early adopters to mass ownership,"  Lelli said.

Chevy Bolt's origin can be traced in South Korea. Lelli thinks that it is a factor why Chevy Bolt is a craze in South Korea.The wedge shape of the car is designed in the South Korea design center of General Motors.

The battery of the was developed by LG Chem which is a Korean company. The company also created the electric motor and drive unit of the Bolt.

According to Business Korea,  GM will start their delivery this month. "With its affordability, long range and exciting new technologies, it will enable more consumers to experience a true EV life," GM stated.

Besides Chevrolet, there are also car companies that sell green cars in South Korea. Hyundai is the top green manufacturer today in South Korea. Other car companies like  Renault Samsung, BMW and Nissan are also in the list of competitors.

Chevrolet Bolt EV price starts at ₩47.70 million or $42,254. Due to government incentives in South Korea, its price can be down to  ₩2 million or $20,000.