Yalu has been launched towards the end of 2016. The latest post on social media addressed the challenges that exist at the moment for the use of the iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak, also known as Yalu. It was reported that Luca Todesco, the famous Italian hacker, has recently published some tweets suggesting the forthcoming launch of a jailbreak tool dedicated to the iOS 10.2.

According to TNH Online, there is still the possibility that the hacker may simply be waiting for the official release of the 10.3 version of the OS in order to test the exploit before releasing the jailbreaking tool dedicated to the iOS 10.2.

He is famous for being able to break the unbreakable iOS 10.2 thing that brought him lots of publicity. It was also claimed by Forbes that Luca Todesco noticed a virus in the 10.3 beta version, which he can use so that the JailBreak Me tool (jbme102), which is based on the browser, can work without any errors.

However, Yalu is known as a semi-untethered tool to jailbreak. If a tethered type means that the owners have to connect the device back to a computer after the reboot, an untethered tool still asks owners to reinstall Cydia, but users can do so without plugging the iPhone to the desktop.

As such, Yalu has a little bit of both worlds. Owners still have to run the tool again and to reinstall Cydia, but they can do it simply with a browser, without the need to connect the desktop.

Despite this, Yalu had to come with some disadvantages too. Its benefits are only available for a week, after, which all the processes users applied for the iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak tool have to be run again. Meanwhile, the Forbes magazine reported that Todesco declared the issue might see a solution along with the release of the iOS 10.3.