It's not easy to drive some long drives in different roads Uber driver takes. That is why the said Uber designed an application to make their drivers work longer hours and earned much money that will benefit the company and its driver.

Most of the drivers have a free range to set their own pace, however, a software used by Uber introduces earning targets and uses them as incentives when the drivers try to log off. For the past months, Uber did try the video game techniques graphics and non-payment rewards just to encourage the drivers to work longer and harder.

Uber used a tactic known as an earning goal, which alerts drivers that they are most likely hitting the target whenever they try to log off the company's driving app. The company has a clever plan to set up and lure the drivers to their next job before their current ride is about to end.

Michael Amodeo an Uber spokesperson told Times they show the drivers areas of high demand or incentivize them to drive more. Amodeo also added that the decision whether to drive or not is 100 percent the drivers call.

No coercion or anything, however, the said added emphasis on reaching a goal, can be very tempting for employees to keep on driving. Amodeo also said the company tries to make the early experience as good as possible, but also as realistic as possible. They want people to decide for themselves if driving is right for them.

A driver once told times that he tries to log off the app, but suddenly it says he is $10 away from making $330 in net earnings is he sure if he wants to go offline. Though the said app has given them two options whether to go offline or keep driving the messages intended to keep employees driving longer.

It's a good idea, but as they say, it's also manipulative in a way. The good thing is that both of the driver and the company benefited from the said Uber schemes and tactics.