A 300bhp hot hatchback; the new Renault Megane RS, is on the top of the waiting list to celebrate the new achievement of Renault. The company has manufactured a new creation for the first time in the year with Frankfurt Motor Show. The hot hatchback Megane has an anticipated power output of 300bhp.

The new Renault Megane RS car is said to be featured with four-wheel steering with a turbocharged engine, as reported in Evo. For decades, there were no sportiest variants, but now Renault has developed its new model that is priced from $38,490 is yet to be released. It gives a similar approach that offers a sporty look as that of the Peugeot 308 GT.

Before the door is unlocked one can jump about with the help of the stupid key. It switches from front-to-rear wheel driving layout has suggested the latest Intel model. The new model will only be available with five doors. The latest Renault's platform has become wider and lower outgoing platform. It has good exterior, aerodynamics, best front handling and chassis, incredible driving and comfort.

According to Car Advice, both the front and rear LED driving lamps are unique with lamp signatures and it includes headlamps as well. The iron blue metallic paint has really suited the sportier styling elements. It's modern and classy hatchback car with a cool radio antenna. The aggressive air dam vehicle has a diamond badge of Renault in the front. The diffuser and bright rear valance help in keeping the car at a lower bearing. 

Its fastest driving has a straight section during the torque vectoring, rear-wheel steering etc. The teaser confirms that a new Renault Megane RS will be released by achieving one million likes on Facebook. However, we don't expect the celebration. The impressive bodywork in Megane has made its customers review more about the new likely stage of Megane.

Renault has checkered-pattern down in the front of the bumper.  Despite the current model, Megane gives 300bph. It has faster corners and straight sections for the front-wheel car driving. The exclusive wheel arches and the bumper with larger alloys have attracted the eyes of buyers.