Following after Amazon's Alexa support for the Logitech Harmony lineup since last year, rare technology company Logitech have recently announced that their Harmony hub-based products are now compatible with the Google Assistant. In addition, the company reveals that the feature works via the Google Home which aims for a more manageable and convenient in-home voice control. That said, Logitech claims that Google Assistant is now able to work well with the Logitech Harmony items.

Logitech Harmony Partners With Google Home

According to Twice, the moment that a user links their Harmony devices to the Google Assistant with the use of a smartphone app, they will now have the access to Google Actions through voice prompts. Such actions available to Harmony users include the use of TV like turning it on and off, transferring it to another channel, lighting control system, or initiating other certain activities.

However, the company highly emphasizes that those with multiple hubs will have to select one during the linking process, and thus, only one Harmony Hub can be controlled using Google Assistant.

Meanwhile, as per Slash Gear, given that a smart home of the future is undeniably nice and all, the ideal part breaks down when other appliance or device have their own different protocol or worse, has its own app. What is more is that Logitech assures its consumers that the technology would enable its users to string together different actions around a certain theme or situation, and that's also where Google Home does the work.

Hence, with Harmony gaining the ability to recognize and follow certain voice commands, and Google Home gaining the power to control dozens of smart devices and services, tech experts say that it's a give and take the relationship between the two.

On the other hand, it was found that neither can do such actions without the other, which means you need to have both devices in your home for this orchestra to play its harmony. As of the press time, the harmony between the two only works in the US having a starting price of $349.99 for a full Harmony Elite.